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August 9, 2006

Name the enemy

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It strikes me as insufficient to call the current conflict “The War on Terrorism”. The definition of terrorist is too debatable. It allows people to have an opinion without choosing a side. “The War on Al Qaeda and Hezbollah” is more aptly named. Now you must choose a side. Are you with them or us? This would more clearly define those who give aid and comfort to the enemy, which we all know is treasonous.

If you have the patience to read through the extensive definition of terrorism you end up more confused than when you set out. The psychological aspect of war is greatly impacted by the mindset of all the combatants. If your enemy is ill-defined then so is your objective. Unfortunately our president has handicapped himself by defining the war so broadly. He can in no way go back and have the objective redefined at this point. The liberal left is already moving to vote on a retraction of the original use of force document. So what are we left to do? We hunt and kill as many terrorists as we can get away with under the current circumstances. It’s all we can do.

August 8, 2006

A Brave New World

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A hearty greetings to all the world. I am just getting up and running. I look to join in the world commentary on such issues as politics, war, civil discourse and other seldomly mentioned topics. I hope to bring a slightly cynical, and hopefully humorous, insight to the things I view and see wherever it seems tasteful enough to do so. I would like to give a shout out to all the bloggers out there who have motivated my jump into the realm of political and social discourse. They are too many to name so I will just begin by blogrolling those I hold in the highest regards. I’ll need to get to work as my initial blogroll will take a few to get going and my children, whom I love so dearly, are pulling at my heels to get out of the house. In a case of competing interests they win. So here begins my mountain climb to rise to the ranks of uber blogger in the mold of Allahpundit, Ace of Spades, Charles Johnson, and Michelle Malkin. Cheers!!

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